englis diary

gpt prompt:

day 1

Today, I am preparing to write an article to improve my English level, I hope it will have a positive effect on my English level. The main reason is that I will have a PTE exam in a few weeks. The PTE exam is divided into listening, reading, speeking, and writing parts, I feel week in all parts. I want to achieve a good score because I intend to work in Australia. My goal is to score at least 65 points in all parts, which would classify my English as proficient. It’s a big challege for me because I haven’t been lerning English since I graduated from university. I look forward to having a life of freedom, but I find myself working from home every day. Moreover I’m concerned that if I don’t take this seriously, I might lose my job by the time I turn 35. Therefore, I’m exploring solutions to potentially move to Australia.

I’ve writen down some words and handled them over to ChatGPT for sentence optimization, this way, I aim to enhance my ability to express myself in English. Effective communication requires a long grasp of expression. For instance, the ability to quickly organize sentences on the spot, without prolonged pauses for thought.

I’ve acquired 200 new words, I plan to learn an aditional 200 every day. This is primarily to improve my ability to pronounce them quickly, as I might encounter them in the reading section of the PTE exam, allowing me to read more fluently.

I received my ACS letter yesterday, which indicates that I have over four years of work experirence in software engineeiring. This allowd me to earn additional points on the visa points test.

If I achieve scores above 65 in all sections of the PTE exam and gain an additional 5 points in the CCL exam, I will accumulate a total of 80 points on the visa points test. This would greatly enhance my chances of obtaining the visa.

I’m quite concerned about my spoken language skills. Growing up, I primarily learned writen English, which has lead to proficient reading but limited speeking abilities. I believe the situation could be different when assessing reading skills in the context of a college entrance examination. I should aim for an improved ability to express myself in English, unlike the current situation where I need to think in Chinese before translating to English, this often results in slower response times.

I greatly admire my uncle, who leared English on his own. He converses fluently in English and even teaches others how to learn the language. I alse feel a sense of envy towards his achievement, I aspire to became someone like him. I’ve heared that he also began his English learning journey throug writing, He used to write a diary every day and even attempted to translate some tradinary Chinese books into English. Inspired by his approach, I’m eager to enhance my English skills in a similar manner. I hope this method will work well for me too.

I also have an older male cousin, who leared English through comunication with foreigners in his foreign trade work. This highlights the significance of practical communication in language learning. He even learned to speek some Pakistani language after spending some time in Pokistan, I believe this would be a memorable experiance for me if it were to happen to me.

day 2

Lately, I’ve been experiencing backaches, and I believe it’s important to engage in regular exercise for a health body. For instance, I’m considering incorporating a weekly running routine. I alse need to establish a proper schedule:ealy to bed and ealy to rise. Otherwise, I might experiece health issuses at a young age.

I’ve noticed that as I get older, the stress seems to increase. There’s an expectation to get married, have a family, buy cars, buy hourse, essentially, the pressure to accumulate more and more wealth. I have many things I want to pursue, but find myself constrained by a lack of time due to the necessity of working every day to earn more money. It’s somewhat ironic.

day 3

I forgot to write a diary yesterday, but I will continue writing one today. I am trying to review the diary I wrote earlier in order to deepen my impression. I believe that this practice can enhance my English writing skills. Just as everyone experiences a forgetting curve, he tend to forget most things if they don’t review them in a timely manner.

Recently, I’ve come to realize that the remarkable influence of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that wields the power to regulate the balance between relaxation and alertness in the brain. This chemical can lead to feelings of fatigue after intense passion, and a sense of fulfillment following periods of adversity. In essence, dopamine plays a crucial role in harmonizing the nervous system.

day 4

I’ve noticed that when I start swipping through videos, time tends to slip by unnoticed. This is especially true when I’m getting ready for bed; after watching, I find it hard to fall asleep.

There is a significant distinction between student life and life in society. While you may be monitored by teachers in school, you must learn to self-manage in the broader society. Thus, self-control becomes a pivotal factor not only for personal growth but also for future development. Moreover, successful individuals often exhibit strong self-control. I believe it might take a lifetime to develop this trait of self-control; indeed, it is a challenging endeavor.

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